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Goodbye from Spinsanity (1/19)

We want to let you, our readers, know that we have decided to stop updating Spinsanity. Since March 2001, we've poured vast amounts of our time into this site, writing more than 400 articles as well as a book. It has been a rewarding but exhausting process, and after much reflection, we have decided not to continue the website. We will make sure our complete archive remains online as a resource for citizens and journalists, and have completed a final update of our topical index that presents an annotated guide to our body of work.

When we started Spinsanity, we never imagined how popular and influential it would become. For that, we want to thank our readers. Your feedback, criticism, tips and support have been immensely valuable.

We hope you'll keep up the fight for a more factual and rational political debate. Unlike when we first launched Spinsanity, fact-checking is now receiving sustained attention in the mainstream press and at websites like factcheck.org and cjrdaily.org (where Bryan works). But more is still needed. As we wrote in the conclusion to All the President's Spin, we believe an engaged citizenry, active press and strong network of fact-checking websites and blogs can help turn the tide of deception that we now see.

If you wish to follow any of our work individually, you can do so at our personal websites:
-http://www.datelinehollywood.com [the satirical entertainment website Ben co-edits]
-http://www.bryankeefer.com [Bryan's blog]
-http://www.brendan-nyhan.com [Brendan's blog]

Ben, Bryan and Brendan

PS You do not need to unsubscribe from our email list. It will not be used again unless there is major Spinsanity news to share, and your email address will not be sold or shared with any third party.

1/19/2005 05:00:05 PM EST |

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By 翻到外国的网站加速软件, Bryan Keefer, and Brendan Nyhan

For most of 2004, we have been fact-checking the presidential candidates on the Commentary Page of The Philadelphia Inquirer. While we're proud of our work, op-ed pages are not going to solve the crisis of deception this country faces. Only when the front page of newspapers and lead stories on TV consistently point out politicians' dishonesty will our leaders begin to mend their ways. (Read the rest of this column in The Philadelphia Inquirer.)

11/11/2004 01:09:24 AM EST |

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This website is copyright (c) 2001-2005 by Ben Fritz, Bryan Keefer and Brendan Nyhan. Please send letters to the editor for publication to 翻到外国的网站加速软件 and private questions or comments to feedback@spinsanity.org.

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-We have decided to stop updating the website. See 电脑怎么上国外网站 for more.



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